How to become a member?

The first training is for free. The second training we ask you to become a member of TSF, so for your first training, you can hop to step 2 and 3, thereafter come back to step 1 ;-). So follow the following three steps and you should be good to go:

  1. Join the Trondheim Yngling Facebook group to stay up to date: FB Group
  2. Say that you had liked to start training on the FB page, so we can find a suitable boat for you.
  3. Did you like it and want to continue? Become a TSF member (see below)
  4. Pay for the training fee: Contact Rimmert for 2020 link.

Member TSF via Minidrett

Here we will describe how you become a member of TSF on the Minidrett site. You need either a Norwegian person number, but it should also work for non-Norwegians. If you still have trouble, here is a form as a backup, but please, try the following first!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on English and then “new user”. If you do not have a personal or D-number, click on the following: “Jeg har ikke fødsels-/ D-nummer i det norske Folkeregister”
  3. Then you should land on the following page, where you only have to fill out your date of birth, and you can use an international phone number:
  4. When you are ready with making a new user and are logged in. Go to “Membership/Medlemskap”. Then click on: “Find new club/Finn ny klubb” NB! You have to search exactly for: “Trondhjems Seilforening” in order to find TSF. Then click on Trondhjems Seilforening. Are you a youth member or student, please click on the following three things:

  5. 1. Click on “Trondhjems seilforening” then the right hand side should show, just tick some of the boxes.
    2. Click on “Details”,
    3. and 3 is now based on your age.
    Click “save and close”, and “Send application”.

  6. You will not get any question any more which membership you apply for. It is based on age. So >25 is “Hovedmedlem”. Or “Student / Young” until the age of 25, so <26.

  7. Last but not least, go in the menu to Payment / Betaling  and pay your membership fees. Then you can download the PDF under “Membership / Medlemskap”. This will become available once the Treasurer has approved your membership, this may take a bit of time.