What does it cost?

Sailing is not the cheapest sport, but the Ynglings are one of the cheaper boats to sail with.

We will give a list of the cost, and also three examples.

  • Membership TSF (2020 prices):
  • Regatta fee per boat kr. 750-800 per season (whole year 1500,-) (Not for NTNUI boats in 2020)
  • NYK member kr. 300,- (crew members: kr. 100,-)
  • NSF (Norges Seilforbundet) license kr. 430,- for the whole year
  • Winter storage on land: kr. 1500,-
  • Summer storage on land: kr. 1500,-

I am a student

If you are a student up to 25, we count you as “youngster” and you will have a couple of things reduced in cost. Are you student above 25, we don’t reduce prices any more, and are equal to normal members in TSF.

So: Student <=25:

  • Student/youngster price TSF membership: kr. 400,-
  • Training fee: 500,-

Student >25

  • Regular TSF fee: kr. 905,-
  • Regular training fee: 800,- per season / kr. 1500,- a year

Participating in the regattas: For 2020 you do not have to pay the regatta fee, as long as it is an NTNUI boat (Ari, Emma Tallulah, Märtha)

I only participate on the Monday training

If you only participate on the Monday training, you will need to be member in TSF, and you if you are crew dedicated in a boat, you will have to discuss with the boat owner what he/she wants you to pay.

I will participate on the Monday training and join in on the Wednesday Regattas

You need to be a member of TSF, plus you will need to pay the regatta. Usually the regatta fee is shared within the boat, so 1/3 of the fee above.

I will participate on Monday and I want to rent one of TSF their boats

You need to pay the TSF membership, and you can rent either Kon Leaky or Frigg for the whole year for kr. 7000,-/5000,- which then also covers any material you will need to buy for the boat. But be aware that we expect you to put some love into the boats, which means that we expect you to repair stuff that gets broken aboard. Or that it is send for repair if needed. The cost of those repairs are covered, but it will take some of your time.

I want to participate in the Nationals this year

You need to be a member of TSF, you will probably join all regatta’s in the season. Furthermore you will need to travel to Horten for the Nationals/NM of this year. Driving there, plus the cost of the NSF membership and NYK membership. Which basically comes down to this:

  • TSF membership (kr. 905,- / kr. 400,-)
  • Regatta (800,- / 3 = kr. 267,-)
  • NSF Lisence kr. 430,-
  • NYK member one time: kr. 100,-
  • Travel to Horten estimate: kr. 2000,-
  • Stayover in Horten p.p.: kr. 200,–

I have my dedicated team and my own boat and will participate in the Worlds.

Are you really reading this section? You know what it costs. Basically checking all of the boxes above on the list, plus the extra love and care you put into your boat, your equipment and all of the clothing you have bought so far.